Backpacking through Costa rica

This was the point in life when you feel time is crushing you into oblivion. It came pretty early to me, far too early I mean. I was about to hit 25 and felt the need to do something stupid and hoard on those precious memories before it was too late.

I gathered up the courage , took off to this mystical land of rain forests and virgin black sand beaches. It does look like a foreign occupation with all of us tourists taken over most of the country but when you go deep into the country, you will be lost in the eternal beauty of nature and its miracles.


Monteverde literally sits above the clouds, with each step you will stumble upon a new species of organism you never encountered before. No wonder the Quakers chose this place to hide from the Korean war draft. If you ever visit here don’t forget to take the night trail trek.


Arenal, what can I say about this? A majestic volcano trying to hide in this lush green rain forest feeding off its nutritious volcanic soil. With all the sleepless nights and mosquito bites, a dip in the hot springs at the end of the day calms you for eternity.


It was the moment when my stupid brain made a witty move. I was able to cut a day of travel by rafting my way to puerto viejo from La fortuna, the river was pretty calm and co-operative.



I still find it very hard to explain people about my experience at Puerto viejo. It isn’t something we normal folks find in our regular lives.


I have tried to put words around it several times and failed.


It is kind of place where the bohemian meets the Rastafarian, where the crazy parties at Lazy mom keep you up all night but you get up early again and bend your body at Om for some yoga.


This is place where people don’t just survive, they LIVE!



I had a hard time getting back to my desk job, I had figured out that the dangerous reality that there are other ways to live your life than the ones thought by society.

I still don’t know if this trip had any positive impact on my life, it so desperately needed but it definitely changed my perspective of what life is. Pura Vida!

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