Japan Supreme Court: Take the money and stop questioning your constitutional rights

The supreme court upheld the government’s blanket surveillance of Japanese Muslims.


The 2010 leak of police files had revealed the unconstitutional invasion of privacy conducted by the government nationwide on its Muslim citizens.

Even though the supreme court compensated the 17 plaintiffs with a total of $880000 for the violation of their privacy due to the leak,but they didn’t take the decision on the police profiling and surveillance tactics which a lower court had upheld as “necessary and inevitable” to guard against international terrorism.

A lawyer for the plaintiffs, Junko Hayashi said:

We were told we don’t have a constitutional case, we’re still trying to figure out how it is not constitutional.

This might seem like helping the country counter terrorist activity, but instills a dangerous thought into others states. Thus making it acceptable to profile a set of people based on their religion, skin color or even the clothes they wear.

“Everything Adolf Hitler did in Germany was LEGAL
– Martin Luther King

What rights would the people be left with to defend their right to non-violent confrontation against a state when it is allowed to monitor anyone it finds as a threat to it’s way of running a country.

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